What is IHM ?

ihm standsThe Institute for technology-based Education in Health, Management and social Services International – in short IHM – was founded in 2012 as collaborative partnership in Austria as a non-profit association.

The purpose of the association is to develop, distribute and support educational programs with focus on the fields of health, management and social services. IHM wants to offer education which is independent from time and place, therefore enabling long distance learning. IHM cooperates with research and educational institutions to ensure high quality education and knowledge transfer worldwide.


  • IHM is an international organization acting as an intermediary between partner institutions and international markets.
  • IHM is the reliable partner for education and training.
  • IHM develops and promotes possibilities in education and support a worldwide exchange of knowledge.
  • IHM collaborates with an extensive network of organizations, including public institutions, research facilities, educational institutions and industry partners all over the world.
  • IHM is specialized in medical and medical-economic education programs.
  • IHM has a broad national and international network.
  • One of the main tasks is to host and organize medical and medical–economic education programs.
  • IHM has its academic coverage for the programs from European universities.
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