Dr. Thomas Eberlein

Scientific Advisory Board; Head of Science & Development

Thomas Eberlein is a Medical Doctor, Dermatologist and Allergologist and is specialised in the area of tissue repair since 1996. He started his medical practice in 1997, continuing his medical academic career at the Department of Peripheral Vascular Surgery in the University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland. His supervisor was Professor Dr med UV Brunner. After graduating as an MD in 1998 at the Faculty of Medicine, Technical University Dresden, Germany, he continued working as an MD at the Department of Dermatology. Here his supervisor was Professor Dr med M Meurer. In 2000 he obtained his qualification as a Dermatologist and in 2001 he qualified as an Allergologist/Immunologist. He is qualified as a Certified Wound Manager® and an expert for certification in quality management systems according EN ISO 9001:2000. While continuing working as a clinician, he started his development in medical education services. He is a medical director for some international education training systems, so for the Academy for Certified Wound Managers (CWM®) in Zurich, Switzerland. Doctor Eberlein is active as a consultant for various institutes and commercial companies. He is a certified expert in wound management for TÜV CERT, Austria. He is an active member in different national and international European wound management associations and has further specialization in lymphology and wound antiseptics. For instance the “Limburger Initiativkreises für Antiseptik (LIFA)“ (Circle for specialists in antiseptics), „Gesellschaft deutschsprachiger Lymphologen (GDL)“ (Association of German-speaking Lymphologists). Since 2000 he published more than 250 articles, especially in wound healing. He is a co-author of „Manuale zur Pharmazeutischen Betreuung“ Bundesapothekerkammer („Wound management“), and a co-author of „Manual der Wundheilung“ (eds Th Wild und J Auböck). He presented more than 670 lectures at various congresses with about 150 presentations on national and international congresses (German and English). He developed, participated and contributed to more than 35 studies in wound healing. He is Managing editor for “Wound Medicine”, the International Wound Journal for Clinical and Health Economics Research and Applications (Elsevier) and member of the editorial board for the Journal of Dermatological Research, Hong Kong.