IHM Philosophy

  • IHM stands for knowledge. We want to make a valuable contribution to the quality of care in the health sector. Being a non-profit organization, our main goal is to share our knowledge in the field of health care and therefore improve the quality of treatment and optimize the employment of resources. Moreover, we are working continuously to integrate new findings into our educational programs to keep them up-to-date as all times.
  • IHM stands for technology-based learning. Globalisation and modernisation are creating an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. Thanks to a wide variety of new technologies, we can offer education independent of our partners’ location or time zone.
  • IHM stands for a worldwide network. For us as a global player, we promote an open and respectful attitude towards people of different origins. We embrace the fact that cultural diversity represents an enrichment and potential for our everyday work – we strongly believe that there is much to learn from one another.
  • IHM stands for continuity. Our work does not end with training or consulting activities. By transferring know how and providing organizational support, we strive to develop new and sustainable structures in the health care system together with our network partners.
  • IHM stands for the connection of theory and practice. We see ourselves as bridge-builders: we believe that the best form of education is a combination of research, theoretical input and hands-on training. To offer a holistic approach, we further keep close contact to training facilities, external and supporting partners as well as other players in health care.
  • IHM stands for an open communication. In order to share our knowledge, we aim to participate actively in conferences, seminars and lectures and also to organize congresses and symposia to make the public aware of our cause.
  • IHM stands for individuality. There is no one-fits-all solution. We offer an integrated service portfolio consisting of consulting and educational elements – customizable for our partners’ needs. We provide reliable support for universities and health care institutions on an international level.
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