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Introduction Dr. Martin Stieger - Chairman IHM International


Dear students, participants and trainers of IHM courses. We all had a very successful and busy year 2016. 

We at IHM International are happy to say, that in 2016 the first participants of IHM courses finished as IHM trainers.

We are happy to say, that in 2016 the first IHM trainers already planned and organized themselves together with us IHM CDT course modules in this year.

And we know, that in 2017 a lot of new and challenging projects are waiting for the IHM team and all our students, participants and trainers. 


We wish all of you a wonderful Christmas time, even if not all of you do celebrate it, and a happy new Years Eve, even if some of you celebrate it at a different time. What we clearly wish you is a very successful year 2017, that we stay in regular touch and we might see some of you hopefully in new courses and/ or new projects. Read about news coming up on our website www.IHM.ac.at and we are happy to receive feedbacks and also new ideas from all of you.


All the best for the future


Your IHM team