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Clean Wounds Conference – 10.-11.11.2106 Krasnodar  

 clinic Krasnodar

                         Regional Clinical Hospital Nr. 1

In this clinic in Krasnodar, the conference was held. This clinic is leading in the sector of incineration in the area of south Russia and has around 22.000 surgical interventions per year. Dr. Bogdanov and 3 nurses of this clinic were in April in Vienna on a specific training and Dr. Kovalenko (head of cardio-thoracic dpt.) was one of our participants at the IHM Summer School in Graz this year.

The conference was organized by „Clean Wounds“, the Russian wounds association, under the presidency of Prof. Baindurashvili. More than 400 participants from all over Russia joined the conference and saw 74 presentations within the 1,5 days.

 CWC congress2016 1

For attending this conference all participants received for the first time so called “skill enhancement points” which means a certificate for skill enhancement in the field of wound care, issued by “Clean Wounds” in cooperation with the Russian surgery association.

A very special honor was given to Prof. Baindurashvili, as he was recently appointed from the president of the Russian Federation to a “medical scientist”, which is the highest possible tribute to a person in the medical profession in Russia. We congratulate our partner Prof. Baindurashvili from our deepest conviction.

The Turner Institute presented through Dr. Vladimir Kenis, as 3rd main speaker of the conference, the Turner project, in which in close cooperation with the IHM International, the e-learning platform and the “Wound Analyzer” in Russian language was presented and officially launched. 

CWC congress2016 2


The Turner Institute is one of 20 clinics in Russia who were selected from Russian government, to organize tele medical projects. Each clinic is responsible for another sector.

Following, Dr. Koshevnikov, from the Turner Institute in St. Petersburg, presented more details about The “Wound Analyzer” which were actively shown and cemented during “Master Class workshops”. These workshops produced a big interest within the doctors and physicists on this software.

So IHM is of course continuing this very successful cooperation and is also trying to expand its activities in Russia.

Finally we also have to thank our special industry partner Lohmann & Rauscher, who actively supports our intention to bring highest standards of medical education and therapies in different medical sectors into selected countries.


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