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IHM CDT trainers received their degree

In the year 2016 IHM successfully eductaed it´s first CDT trainers.
In February 2017 we are going to welcome two more students at the final exams to become IHM CDT trainers. One come from Iran and one from Lebanon. In February another trainer, also from Iran,  will beginn her studies and we expect her to finish her exam in summer 2017. So this is the list of our first six IHM CDT trainers and we are really happy and proud, that we had these extraordinary people in our courses. We wish them all the best for their future. 

Mr./Ms. First name Surname Finished Country
Mrs. Evette Alfons Sultan 07/2016 Qatar
Mr. Loay Karam Sadek Mostafa 07/2016 UAE (L&R)
Mr. Semir Bakjia 07/2016 UAE
Mr. Chahine ElHindy 02/2017 Lebanon (L&R)
Mrs. Masoomeh Lotfi 02/2017 Iran
Mrs. Zahra Sheikhi 07/2017 Iran


What we like most is that with many of our trainers the cooperation with IHM will continue, so that the trainers do really gain personal advantages out of their IHM educations and studies. 
For example Semir Bakija, who, as the first IHM CDT trainer, organized his first IHM CDT course. 10 physiotherapists from UAE attented the CDT Module 1 course, and more IHM courses at his clinic "Get On Track" in Dubai will take place in the future.