CDT (Complex Decongestive Therapy) Basic Course Module 1 in Mostar – Bosnia and Herzegovina; 11. – 14.12.2023


CDT (Complex Decongestive Therapy) Basic Course Module 1 in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina): 11. – 14. December 2023

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The Course Content

In the European university course “Complex Decongestive Therapy” the student learns all relevant theoretical and practical knowledge to treat patients with lymphoedema. In module 1-3 the student gets an overview of the medical-therapeutic diagnostic and the therapy of relevant clinical pictures of the lymphatic system and its symptomatology. Theoretically the student knows the anatomical, physiological and pathological basics of the lymphatic system. In practice the student knows the manual lymph drainage techniques on the intact lymphatic system. The student learns the medical-therapeutically diagnostic and therapy of relevant clinical pictures of the lymphatic system, its symptomatology and clinical presentation. The students are able to perform basic and complex examination and treatment techniques at the patient.

Teaching material

After booking the course you will receive a link by e-mail with your personal and individual access code to the online teaching material for this course on our Moodle platform.
The course content and corresponding presentations are only unlocked at the specified times for the registered course participants.
The IHM E-Cademy is based on the Moodle e-learning platform, which is available worldwide. Teaching videos are located in our own IHM YouTube Channel, to which you will be directed too out of the IHM E-Cademy.


At The end of the CDTB Module 1 course there will be a final written exam over the week´s course content including theory and practise which must be completed within the specified time limit.

Certificate of participation

The participants who pass the exam will receive a certification of participation by IHM International, after successfully attending the course and which allows to attend CDT Basic Module 2 course.

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