Lymphedema treatment “Complex Decongestive Therapy” basic course Module 1 &2 in Jinan, China:

In the lymphedema treatment “Complex Decongestive Therapy” (CDT) Basic course Module 1 the student learns all relevant theoretical and practical knowledge to treat patients with lymphoedema.
In the CDT Modules (Basic 1 and 2, Advanced 1 and 2) the student gets an overview of the medical-therapeutic diagnostic and the therapy of relevant clinical pictures of the lymphatic system and its symptomatology.
Theoretically the student knows the anatomical, physiological and pathological basics of the lymphatic system.
In practice the student knows the manual lymph drainage techniques on the intact lymphatic system.
The student learns the medical-therapeutically diagnostic and therapy of relevant clinical pictures of the lymphatic system, its symptomatology and clinical presentation.
The students are able to perform basic and complex examination and treatment techniques at the patient.

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在淋巴水肿治疗 “复合去充血疗法”(CDT)基础课程模块 1 中,学员将学习到治疗淋巴水肿患者的所有相关理论和实践知识。
在 CDT 模块(基础 1 和 2、高级 1 和 2)中,学员将了解淋巴系统及其症状的相关临床图片的医疗诊断和治疗概况。



The course is postponed and the new date will be shown as soon as available

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