MMA Wound Care Management Basic Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Date: 20th NOVEMBER


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Wound Care Management Basic WorkshopCourse Overview:The “Wound Care Management Basic” workshop is designed to provide healthcare professionals, caregivers, and individuals interested in wound care with a fundamental understanding of wound assessment, treatment, and management. Wound care is a critical aspect of healthcare, and this course serves as an introduction to the principles and practices involved in providing effective care for various types of wounds.Course Objectives:By the end of this course, participants will:1. Understand the basic anatomy and physiology of the skin.2. Recognize different types of wounds, their causes, and risk factors.3. Learn how to assess wounds, including wound size, depth, and characteristics.4. Gain knowledge of infection prevention and control in wound care.5. Explore different wound dressing materials and their applications.6. Understand the importance of maintaining a clean and sterile environment during wound care.7. Learn about the principles of wound healing and factors that affect the healing process.8. Develop skills in documenting and communicating wound care information using PPA (App/Desktop)9. Identify common complications in wound care and strategies to prevent or address them.Course Format:The “Wound Care Management Basic” workshop is typically delivered through a combination of lectures, hands-on demonstrations, case studies, and discussions. The course may be offered in-person, online, or as a hybrid model, depending on the institution providing it. Participants can expect to engage with course materials through readings, presentations, and practical exercises.Course Duration:The course duration may vary based on the institution offering it. Generally, it is designed to be completed over a five days (3 days of theory & 2 days of practical), with sessions ranging from a few hours to several days, depending on the depth of coverage and the specific learning objectives.Target Audience:This course is suitable for a wide range of healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and medical assistants,as well as caregivers, family members, and individuals interested in gaining basic wound care knowledge. It can serve as an essential foundational course for those looking to specialize in wound care.Assessment and Certification:Participants in the “Wound Care Management Basic” workshop may be assessed through quizzes, assignments, or practical examinations, depending on the course structure. Upon successful completion of the course, participants typically receive a certificate of completion, which can be a valuable addition to their professional credentials.Please note that the specific content and structure of the course may vary between different educational institutions and organizations. It is advisable to check with the course provider for detailed information about their “Wound Care Management Basic” workshop.


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