Wound Care Management Basic Course, Sakarya, Turkey: February 20th to 26th 2023

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This Wound Care Management Basic (WCMB) course will be held in cooperation between IHM International and the University of Sakarya, Medical institute in close cooperation with the Wound Centre of Sakarya University Hospital, Dr. Alper Erkin and the IHM medical and scientific board.
12 highly recommended and carefully international and national spcialists in WCM

In the Wound Care Management (WCM) basic course, it is our aim to introduce you to the basic principles of the treatment of chronic wound to enable you to create your own wound care practice in accordance with international norms.

Please see here the different course-packages. You can book the course only but also the course itself plus accomodation in the course hotel directly in Sakarya city. Concerning the accomodation you can choose between different durations of your stay:


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WCMB more details on the content / WCMB içerikle ilgili daha fazla ayrıntı:

Twelve carefully selected and renowned international and national WCM specialists will impart their knowledge in the field of wound management basics in a total of 5 days or approx. 35 teaching hours. The basic areas are:
Basic further training content:
– Anatomy and physiology of the skin
– Pathophysiology and diagnosis of chronic wounds
– Types of wounds
– Diabetic foot syndrome and preventive measures
– Hygiene during dressing changes, MRSA
– Contemporary wound documentation/wound assessment
– Pain therapy
– Ulcus cruris and compression bandaging techniques
– Contemporary local therapeutics and wound dressings (market overview)
– Practical case management
– and more

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