Wound Care Management Basic Course, Sakarya, Turkey: October 16th to 21th 2023

From 670,00  to 920,00 

After the great success of the first IHM Wound Care Management Basic course, the next basic course is fixed:

This course is also supported and recommended by: / Bu kurs aşağıdakiler tarafından da desteklenmekte ve önerilmektedir: 

Türk Kalp ve Damar Cerrahisi Derneği (The Turkish cardiovascular surgery association)
Türk sualtı ve hiperbarik tıp derneği (The Turkish underwater and hyperbaric medicine society)
YOİHD – Yara Ostomi İnkontinans Hemşireleri Derneği (Wound Ostomy Incontinence Nurses Association)


This Wound Care Management Basic (WCMB) course will be held againin cooperation between IHM International and the University of Sakarya, Medical institute in close cooperation with the Wound Centre of Sakarya University Hospital, Dr. Alper Erkin and the IHM medical and scientific board.
Ourt target is again to set up a great team of national and international spcialists in WCM.

In the Wound Care Management (WCM) basic course, it is our aim to introduce you to the basic principles of the treatment of chronic wound to enable you to create your own wound care practice in accordance with international norms.

We will also offer different packages  as we did the last time, and you can find them on the bottom of this page.
Please always use the pre-reservation form down here which is necessary for a regular booking.
Concerning the accomodation you can choose between different durations of your stay:

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Pre-Registration: / Ön Rezervasyon
If you are intrested to attend this course and need/ want to leave a pre-reservation, then you can fill in a pre-registration form for this course under this link: Pre-Registration form – Ön Rezervasyon Formu

By completing this form, you have officially pre-registered for the IHM Wound Care Management Basic (WCMB) course at Sakarya University, Turkey, from 16 to 21 October 2023.
Please note that this pre-registration will only become a firm registration once the course fee has been transferred to IHM International and received in the IHM account. Until then, this pre-registration is purely information for the organiser and does not include a guaranteed course participation, but as long as this form is online, a fixed registration is also possible.
If you have any questions, please contact communication@IHM.ac.at.
The fixed registration for the course takes place either via the following link: Booking WCMB Sakarya October 2023 or paying to our Turkish account.
Please fill in the form and press send at the end. This reservation will be sent directly to us.


We try again to collect a great team of national and international WCM specialists who will impart their knowledge in the field of wound management basics in a total of 6 days or approx. 38 teaching hours. The basic areas are:


WCMB more details on the content WCMB içerikle ilgili daha fazla ayrıntı
Basic further training content: Temel ileri eğitim içeriği:
– Anatomy and physiology of the skin – Derinin anatomisi ve fizyolojisi
– Pathophysiology and diagnosis of chronic wounds – Kronik yaraların patofizyolojisi ve teşhisi
– Types of wounds – Yara türleri
– Diabetic foot syndrome and preventive measures – Diyabetik ayak sendromu ve önleyici tedbirler
– Hygiene during dressing changes, MRSA – Pansuman değişimlerinde hijyen, MRSA
– Contemporary wound documentation/wound assessment – Çağdaş yara belgeleri/yara değerlendirmesi
– Pain therapy – Ağrı tedavisi
– Ulcus cruris and compression bandaging techniques – Ulcus cruris ve kompresyon bandaj teknikleri
– Contemporary local therapeutics and wound dressings (market overview) – Çağdaş yerel terapötikler ve yara örtüleri (pazara genel bakış)
– Practical case management – Pratik vaka yönetimi
– and more – ve dahası

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