To IHM E-Cademy

Welcome to the IHM E-Cademy, the online learning platform of IHM International.

The fundamental interest of IHM International is always to provide our course participants with as much of the knowledge and experience of our lecturers and instructors as personally as possible. We also always pay special attention to practical training in our courses, as this is the quintessence of any treatment of patients.

Nevertheless, we also want to make it easier for many interested people to participate in our courses by using modern technologies, and therefore we have founded and opened the IHM E-Cademy, the IHM online learning portal. Here we now try to offer as much as possible of our learning units for the respective courses also as online courses and then combine them with the practical trainings on site. Furthermore, wherever possible, we also give online demonstrations of practical applications and methods to support the practical training on site as much as possible.