Due to the many years of experience of IHM International and all its experts from different fields, we started years ago to pass on this experience in the medical-economic field. One of these interesting areas is, for example, the support and ongoing assistance in the establishment of wound and lymphatic centers, as well as the development and implementation of successful projects in other medico-economically relevant areas.

Our members and partner teams, can act like consultants but also actively support with planning, organizing and running different medico-economical projects, for example wound care centers, as well as support in managing them, based on the educational medical and economic know how of IHM and the high IHM standards, based on EU compliance and governance guidelines.
Consulting and active support with planning, developing and accompanying distribution and marketing strategies for medical/ medical-technical products, based on the educational and economic know how of IHM and the high IHM standards.

Supporting medical and medical-economical projects and programs.
Developing, supporting and accompanying scientific programs.