Approximately 4% of the world’s population suffer from chronic wounds or wound healing disorders. According to current studies, chronic wounds cost at least EUR 10.000, pure treatment costs, without consideration of the follow-up costs or sick leave. Complicated cases can also quickly exceed the cost limit of EUR 20.000.

In many countries the topic of chronic diseases, hygiene and improvement of the quality of life Index for chronic diseases is of particular importance.
In many developing countries, massive complications arise due to lack of hygiene and inadequate treatment of the underlying diseases (e.g. diabetes).

IHM aims at creating sustainable training structures and expertise to enable a holistic treatment and education of patients and thus improve the lives of those affected.

In Europe, there are very good training and further training courses for doctors and nursing staff, as well as excellent patient training and documentation in place. This is why IHM is to translate the European standards into the local context of developing countries and to initiate a educational projects for them.

Through the introduction and establishment of treatment standards, the success of treatment can be sustainably ensured by local, specially trained specialists on the long run.